Caramel Masque Multi-het Male Corn Snake (#RuxVi0422)

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Description. He's friendly, curious, and handsome, has never turned down a feeding, and is ready for a new home. With his personality and his genetics he's a great fit as a pet, future breeder, or both. His sire's a brilliant Amel Cube Stripe; his dam is a beautiful metallic Upper Keys Diffused Caramel like her sire Artephius. (Both have hets). Parents are pictured. Questions welcome. Thanks for looking!
Caramel Masque Multi-het Male
Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
Pantherophis guttatus
Masque 100% Het Amelanistic 50% Het Anerythristic Caramel 100% Het Diffused 50% Het Hypo 100% Het Stripe
17th July 2022
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




Moss Point, Mississippi United States of America flag

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About BrightHope Snakes. We've been in the corn snake hobby since 2008, doing small scale professional breeding since 2010. They're beautiful animals, fantastic pets and it's been a true pleasure to share them as classroom pets (when Caryl taught high school) and in large-scale educational settings as well as with individuals looking for a wonderful pet or a quality breeding animal. All BrightHope corn snakes are handled regularly. We can tell you about each one as an individual, including family lines. (Many are F3 or F4 BrightHope.) Our animals are guaranteed healthy and genetically correct as represented. We are always happy to answer questions about specific animals, parentage or genetics, husbandry, or just chat about the hobby. Current and future projects include but aren't limited to morphs with Stripe/Cube, Diffusion, Caramel, Hypo, Anery, Amel, Red Factor, Strawberry, Lavender and Peach. BrightHope Snakes is proud to support Morph Market and USARK with memberships.