Peach Masque Tessera Corn Snake (#2022-13A-Ripper)

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Description. This is Ripper. Ripper got his name because I slightly tore his egg by accident while breaking up his clutch after it was laid. Crazy enough ripper still hatched from that egg.

Ripper is at a lower price because I am not sure what complications came from having his egg slightly torn, and still hatching, but he has never missed a meal.

Peach is a new morph that is hypomelanistic. Breeding trials have concluded this is an incomplete dominant morph. Color intensifies with maturity. As a Het Peach Ripper is slowly going to get lighter over the next 2 years.

His Mother is Alexstrasza, a richly colored Bloodred Tessera Het Sunkissed from Joe Pierce breed lines, and her father is Acridostrasz, a Peach Masque Tessera, Het Lavender & Diffused, 50%het Amelanistic 25%het Hypo & Anerythristic. Acridostrasz's mother is from a fresh breed line from the wild, so he was the second generation born in captivity on that side of his breeding.

More detailed information available on request.
Peach Masque Tessera
Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
Pantherophis guttatus
Pos Het Hypo 50% Het Sunkissed Pos Het Anerythristic 50% Het Lavender Pos Het Amelanistic Masque 100% Het Diffused Tessera
2nd July 2022
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




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About TesseraCraft. I fell in love with cornsnakes back in the 8th grade when my science teacher had one as a classroom pet. In 2019 I made my dreams of cornsnake ownership happen, and soon after that I knew I had to breed them also.

I also love other North American Rat Snakes. I find keeping Eastern Black Rat Snakes fills in the gaps for me when I want morphs that cornsnakes just can not recreate, while having very similar husbandry.

I am a small breeder who loved his animals, and they are always treated with respect. They may be breeder animals, but I try my best to give them all of the best pet amenities.