Diffused Honey

Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
Pantherophis guttatus

ID: 6-22-23m

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Diffused Honey

Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
Pantherophis guttatus


Birth: 31st July 2022
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse

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Shipping: 50.00-75.00 (Domestic)
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Animal ID: 6-22-23m
Group ID: CharlieXBell
First Posted: 08/22/22
Last Renewed: 03/30/23
Last Updated: 03/30/23

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Corn Snake Clutch: CharlieXBell


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About ECW Reptiles

ECW Reptiles, producing corns and more since 1994. Between Katie and myself (Eric) we have over 60 years of experience with reptiles and the pet trade. We work with several corn snake morphs that makes up about 80% 0f our collection. The rest of the collection is made up of Bamboo Rat Snakes including, coxi, laticincta, and pulcher. Other Asian species were working with are climacophora (Japanese Rat Snakes), and schrencki (Russian Rat Snakes. We have a nice collection of Califonia Kingsnakes including bananas, 50/50's, albinos, and hypermels. Our pitouphis collection is growing and maturing. It includes San Diego's, Great Basin's, Jani's, Cape, Sant Cruz,and Mexican Lined. We have few Ball Pythons in the collection, a pair of Boas for fun, and currently raising up a stunning pair of Diamond Pythons.
We plan on adding several other colubrids in the near future. We strive to acquire, produce, and sell the highest quality animals we can along with outstanding customer service. Be sure to check out our ECW Reptile FaceBook page.
Have A Good One, and hope to hear from you.
Eric and Katie Westmorland

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