Coral Ghost Het Amel 66% Het Motley KMLW-03

Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
Pantherophis guttatus

ID: KMLW-22A-03

Gorgeous female coral ghost het amel 66% het motley from a Heliconia ghost het motley x hypo coral snow het motley pairing. Produced from unrelated parents and regularly taking unscented f/t pinkies. Ready to ship.

Comes with care guide and individual history pamphlet, detailing pedigree (including pictures of parents), full feeding record, shed record, etc.

$200 + shipping, cash or PayPal only. Free shipping for purchases over $1000. Payment plans available for purchases over $500. **Due to local state law, we do not sell or ship corn snakes to GA or WV, and proof of permit is required for sales to TN**
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Coral Ghost Het Amel 66% Het Motley KMLW-03

Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
Pantherophis guttatus


Birth: 11th August 2022
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse

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Animal ID: KMLW-22A-03
Group ID: KMLW-22
First Posted: 09/11/22
Last Renewed: 12/18/22
Last Updated: 12/19/22

Los Angeles, California
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Corn Snake Clutch: KMLW-22

14 Offspring

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Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids Store Policy/Terms and Conditions
*revised January 23, 2021*

We at Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids want first and foremost that our animals are healthy and our customers are happy. We have spelled out our terms below to best protect buyer, seller, and animal(s). If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

• All sales final, unless there is a confirmed problem with the health of the animal(s) (see below).
• Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids will issue a PayPal invoice once buyer confirms they will be making a purchase. We then provide a 24 hour courtesy hold beginning at the time the invoice is issued. If payment is not made in that time period, the hold is released and the animal made available to other interested parties.
• All deposits up to 30% are nontransferable and nonrefundable except in the extremely unlikely event Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids backs out.
• Payments made above a 30% deposit are refundable.
• Payment is due in full at the time of purchase unless other arrangements have been made prior to purchase.
• Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.
• By making this purchase, buyer confirms they are at least 18 years of age.
• We accept PayPal and cash-in-hand only. Please note PayPal allows buyers to use other methods of payment for our invoices, including credit cards.

• Animals can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States and Canada where the species is legal to own.
• Animals are shipped FedEx overnight through Reptiles2You in strict compliance with their shipping guidelines when weather conditions permit at both sending and receiving locations.
• All animals will be shipped within 7 business days, barring weather delay. Animals may be held up to 15 business days at buyer’s request to accommodate schedules.
• All animals are shipped Monday-Wednesday for a Tuesday-Thursday arrival ONLY.
• Cleo’s Kingdom is not responsible for unforeseen shipping delays by FedEx, including but not limited to: plane mechanical issues, FedEx employee and/or paperwork errors, air traffic delays, unpredicted weather events and/or acts of God.
• Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids is not responsible for delivery delays due to buyer error, including but not limited to: incorrect address, not picking up animal(s) held at hub on delivery date, not answering the door, etc.
• Regarding insurance: at present Reptiles2You does not offer insurance for your shipments. From their website: “Yes, we know there are other shipping companies that do offer insurance, but it only covers your animal if the package is LATE in addition to your animal being DOA. Since FedEx delivers 98% of their packages on time, insurance only has a chance of being worthwhile 2% of the time (and then only if your animal arrives dead of course). With long odds like that, is that a smart purchase? We don't really think so. But IF YOU DO - and you absolutely must have your live shipment insured - we suggest using our friends at SYR (ShipYourReptiles).”

• All animals sold were produced by Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids unless explicitly stated otherwise.
• All animals sold are in good health and free of parasites.
• If there is any health concern, please notify Cleo's Kingdom Colubrids within 24 hours of receipt.
• Animals listed for sale are consistently feeding on unscented f/t mice unless otherwise stated.
• Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids guarantees the personalized history provided with each animal accurately portrays the animal, gender, pedigree/parentage, genetics, identification number, hatch date, and feed records.
• We reserve the right to nullify health guarantees due to insufficient evidence of proper husbandry and/or failure to quarantine.
• We strongly urge new animals go through a minimum 45-day period of quarantine in a new environment. This includes but is not limited to: keeping the snake in a completely different room from other reptiles, feeding with separate tongs, thoroughly washing hands after any contact with animal and enclosure, cleaning enclosure with separate cleaning tools, etc.

• All ad photos represent the actual animal that will be delivered upon sale.
• Multiple efforts are in place to assure our animals are the gender stated, but if you have any concern they are not as advertised pleased let us know within 72 hours and we will work with you.
• We guarantee our animals will be 80% of the advertised weight or higher upon delivery.

• Returns and refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis and are NOT guaranteed.
• If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please inform us within 12 hours of receiving the animal(s).
• In the event of a return, buyer must supply shipping materials and ship via Reptiles2You in accordance to their standards.
• Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids pays for return shipping labels.
• Refunds will be issued AFTER the animal safely arrives back at Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids.
• Exchanges will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
• In the unlikely event of a DOA, buyer must notify Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids within 4 hours of the package being delivered. Photo proof is suggested; unboxing videos recommended.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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About Cleo's Kingdom Colubrids

Cleo's Kingdom Colubrids is a boutique breeder of Western hognose, corn snakes, and tricolor hognose. We love these animals and this hobby, and so work to provide support for our buyers beyond just the sales transaction. Animals produced by us come with our custom individualized animal history pamphlet, detailing pedigree (including photos of the parents), hatch date, all feedings, weight, shed, and any other records of note. In addition to producing interesting beautiful animal with interesting genetics, we work to familiarize ourselves with the individual idiosyncrasies and personalities of our snakes to better inform both the customer.

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