Hypo/Strawberry Anery, 100% Het Amel, 50% Het Motley Corn Snake (#SE20F5)

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Description. This listing is for a female Hypoberry Anery from JMG lines with clean saddle borders and a pretty pink tint. She was a holdback to observe her color development and while I do not want to see her go, I am narrowing future breeding projects and needing to make space.
This girl has just passed her second birthday and is a hair over 100 grams with a empty belly. She has been grown slowly and gently to ensure health and full development, and is just really starting to hit her stride. She's an enthusiastic feeder on f/t small mice from tongs. She's a lovely companion animal, quiet in the hand and curious when allowed to explore. She would also make a very strong addition to any breeding program.

Parents are Snikki (Amel) and Ermengarde (Red Factor (JMG) Strawberry Anery)
Hypo/Strawberry Anery, 100% Het Amel, 50% Het Motley
Corn Snake Subadult
Pantherophis guttatus
100% Het Amelanistic Anerythristic 100% Het Hypo 100% Het Strawberry 50% Het Motley
5th August 2020
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




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