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    Corn Snake Baby
    Pantherophis guttatus



    Corn Snake Baby
    Pantherophis guttatus


    Taking down FT pinky mice once a week!
    Traits: Kastanie
    Origin: Self Produced
    Birth: 2022
    Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse

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    Shipping: At Least 65.00 (Domestic)
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    Trades: No Trades

    Animal ID: 094745
    First Posted: 12/28/22
    Last Renewed: 06/08/23
    Last Updated: 06/08/23

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    About Blackheart Reptiles

    We've owned reptiles for about 20+ years now. Started as a hobby and after a few years of owning a few boas and ball pythons we successfully breed and produced our first ball python clutch. From there it lead to us acquiring more animals, different morphs. Meeting and talking with breeders and hobbyist over the years, gaining information for us to become knowledgeable breeders.
    We now have a beautiful selection, and variety of Ball Pythons, Boa Constrictors, Sand Boas, Cornsnakes, Kingsnake, Milksnakes, and much more. Who would've thought being gifted a baby boa for my birthday would take us in this direction....
    So glad it did!

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