Ultramel Het Cinder, Motley Ph Anery, Caramel, Diffused Corn Snake (#21KizPep01)

Ultramel Het Cinder, Motley Ph Anery, Caramel, Diffused Corn Snake
Description. Temperment: Easy going, but scared. Good eater. Dam is Kizmet - Ultramel Tessera het Caramel, Motley ph Anery. Sire is Pepto - Peppermint Motley Tessera ph Caramel, Diffused, Hypo
Ultramel Het Cinder, Motley Ph Anery, Caramel, Diffused
Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
Pantherophis guttatus
Pos Het Caramel Pos Het Diffused 100% Het Motley Pos Het Anerythristic 100% Het Cinder 100% Het Ultra 100% Het Amelanistic
25th August 2021
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




Kirkwood, Pennsylvania United States of America flag

30.00-125.00 (Domestic)
Will Consider
Will Consider
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Store policy. SYR is officially in a Holiday No Ship Period. What this means is there is NO insurance available on shipments intos January. Depending upon congestion in Fedex Systems it may be available Dec 7th and 8th only. Does this mean I can't ship? No....it just means you assume all risk for dealyed shipments, lost packages and DOA.

PHOTOS: All photos are of the animal offered for sale. Please note that not all computers/cameras are created equal. Therefore some of the coloration of any of my animals can and will look different on your device(s) than they do on mine. I am more than happy to send additional photos as requested. I have not touched up nor enhanced any of the photos to intentionally misrepresent the color of any animal offered. Also note that as the animal grows the actual color can also change.

SEXING: Please note that I am NOT good at sexing and can't be completely sure of sex. I do my best but in all honesty I cannot guarantee sex unless I have done breeding trials (aka the "get off your sister" method). I am always willing to send you a photo of the underside of the tail.

SHIPPING: Shipping is done through Ship Your Reptiles (SYR). All shipping is on Tuesdays for Wednesday delivery or Wednesday for Thursday delivery to an authorized Fedex Ship Center (filter for dangerous goods) and hold for pickup ONLY. All SYR alerts and shipping freezes will be followed for the safety of the animals and buyer will be notified of delay.

To avoid any non-SYR shipping delays, please make sure you have followed all instructions: Fedex Ship Center to hold for pickup MUST be an authorized Fedex Ship Center - repeat - FILTER for Dangerous Goods. Provide me with that shipping address and your phone number for shipping purposes. I am not reponsilbe for delays in shipping if you fail to follow these instructions.

Shipping to any other address other than an authorized Fedex Ship Center to hold for pickup will be at buyer risk. No insurance or guarantee will be offered since Fedex has been experienceing exceptional delays. For the safety of the animal it is highly recommended you follow the prefered shipping method.

Shipping Rates for babies up to 1 pound in 7x7x7 box (inquire for adults) from Zip 17536:
Zone 2: 0 to 150 Miles = $30
Zone 3: 151 to 300 Miles = $36
Zone 4: 301 to 600 Miles = $50
Zone 5: 601 to 1,000 Miles = $56
Zone 6: 1,001 to 1,400 Miles = $60
Zone 7: 1,401 to 1,800 Miles = $66
Zone 8: Greater than 1,800 Miles = $70
Alaska and Hawaii = $90 to $125

Pickup can be arranged. Please note that I am a home, hobbyist breeder and have no physical store. I also work a full-time job so please be considerate when arranging for an in person pickup. I am willing to meet at That Fish Place/That Pet Place on a weekend since I occasionally need to go there anyway for supplies. No deliveries otherwise.

NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL NEXT YEAR - INSURANCE: Live Arrival Insurance is offered by SYR at $5 for the first $200 and $2.50 for each $100 value and is only valid for DOA only upon late arrival and you must have picked the animal up from Fedex in a timely manner. You may decline insurance and assume responsibility for DOA yourself. No refunds will be given outside of SYR policy. In the case of DOA photos will be required.

PAYMENT PLANS: If you want the animal, lets make it happen. Payments are available with a minimum 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit with regular payments to be made in full within 6 weeks. Customized plans available. Refunds on additional payments made will be in the way of store credit. No Cash Refunds.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: There will be a fee for payments made by PayPal. I'm sorry, but PayPal fees are increasing. You can send PayPal Payment with option of "buyer pays fees" instead if you like. A good way to anticipate the fee is with https://thefeecalculator.com/ . I will accept a Certified Cashier's Check and will ship upon cleared payment. Cash payments accepted on local pickup.

BUYER’S REMORSE: No cash refunds. All refunds will be for store credit only, except for VALID SYR insurance claims. In the case of an animal that has already shipped, the buyer must return said animal by SYR, fully insured and in the same condition it was shipped out, at buyer’s expense. Credit will be issued ONLY after the animal is received and inspected. Store credit is only good towards the price of animals and will not be accepted towards the cost of shipping and insurance. Credit expires after two (2) years.

TRADES: Please read carefully before offering a trade. Trades are considered ONLY if YOU PAY THE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS or offer me two for one. Why? Because I am not always in the market for something and the trade is for your sake not mine - unless you actually have something I might drool over, then I might consider paying the receiving end of the shipping. Please check my wanted section. Always feel free to ask. The worst I can say is no.

WANTED: These are what I will currently trade for and pay my end of the shipping:
Female Adult or Sub Adult Lava Shatter - Tessera is a plus
Male Yearling or Older Quartz Tessera - Pied sided a plus
Male Pied Sided * Corn Snake - Tessera a plus
Female Baby Dominican Red Mountain Boa
Tri-Color Breeding Pair Hognose – will consider other hognose
Scarlet Kingsnake Female or Breeding Pair
Blue-Eyed Lucy Rat Snake
Hybrids on a case by case basis
Other trades considered, especially for females. Please read and agree to above under “Trades.”

DOES YOUR STATE ALLOW SNAKE OWNERSHIP? It is buyer responsibility to research if your state allows snake ownership before committing to a purchase. After you pay is too late to find out you can't have one where you live. Please see section on “Buyer’s Remorse” concerning refunds.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.
About T. Rex's Reptiles. Hobbyist breeder that enjoys playing around with some unique and complex genetics. Or maybe I just like the babies in general. As a hobbyist, I am the first to admit I may not be completely correct in my identification of the morphs I have listed and therefore welcome input from anyone who might have a better eye than I do. I always list the parents and their genetics in the description.