Gray-banded Kingsnake (#Graybanded)

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Description. Beautiful adult male
Excellent feeder on frozen
Great disposition
Gray-banded Kingsnake Adult
Lampropeltis alterna
Domestically Produced
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




Rochester, New York United States of America flag

PayPal Friends & Family, Personal Check, Cash
50.00-75.00 (Domestic)
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Christopher and Courtney Hobbs

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About Christopher and Courtney Hobbs Exotic Reptiles. We are a Small scale hobbyist/breeder with over 40 years experience...who loves owning and working with these little exotic creatures....we care for every single animal like it is our own ...because it is !! And it deserves the best care and treatment that we can possibly offer to them!! ...check out our collection on Facebook...: Hobbs Exotic Reptiles