Blacktail Cribo Indigo Snake (#22BTC-F01)

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Blacktail Cribo Indigo Snake
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Description. This ad is for a hatchling female from my recent clutch. They will not ship immediately because they are fresh from the egg. They are healthy but still need to shed and begin feeding trials to be properly established. This means they won’t be ready for new homes until probably September.
Blacktail Cribo
Indigo Snake Baby/Juvenile
July 2022
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




Hope, Kansas United States of America flag

60.00-75.00 (Domestic)
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Store policy. PAYMENT:

In most cases, no payment plans are offered and payment in full is required.

Occasionally, hatchlings might be listed that still need established before they are ready to go to their new homes. In these cases, since the animals are not actually ready to ship, they can be reserved with a 25% deposit. The remainder, plus shipping, is due when the animals are ready for shipment.

Deposits are non-refundable and will only be returned if we (the seller) are unable to deliver the reserved animal at the agreed date. Deposits cannot be refunded simply because the buyer changed his or her mind.


I ship via FedEx Overnight, and buyers pay actual shipping unless otherwise stated.

I provide a live arrival guarantee but this is offered only when the shipment is held at a FedEx hub for pickup. When you pickup your animal, please open and inspect immediately. You must let me know within 1 hour of receiving your shipment if there is a DOA.

I can ship direct to your door, but if you request that option, I cannot provide a live arrival guarantee since there are too many factors out of my control in that scenario.


I cannot sell rear-fanged species to anyone under 18 years of age.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.
About Daniel's Snakes. I am a reptile hobbyist in Kansas. I keep a variety of snake species focusing on large colubrids (Bullsnakes, Cribos, False Water Cobras) and Asian Ratsnakes.