Yellow Tail Cribo Indigo Snake

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Description. This incredible male YTC arrived with me in April 2021 as an approximately 3 foot sub-adult. I am unsure of the exact location of his capture. I treated him for internal and external parasites, got him eating VERY well on F/T rodents, and spent considerable time handling him. He has never tried to bite despite holding him twice a day for over a year. (meaning I’ve given him plenty of chances to be a jerk, and he never has) He is a phenomenal specimen with an incredible, almost neon, yellow tail with some yellow on his chin as well. He is right at 6 feet and putting on some good girth. He eats most anything though he prefers chickens, quails, frog legs, and fish. He will absolutely eat rodents but he eats A LOT of chickens. The only reason I am letting him go is that I bought him as a female and I don’t need any more males. I have had my fun training him to be a gentlemen and now it’s time for someone else to enjoy him. I use Ship Your Reptiles and accept Venmo or PayPal friends & Fam.
Yellow Tail Cribo
Indigo Snake Adult
Wild Caught
2 m (total length)
Frozen/Thawed Rat




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75.00-125.00 (Domestic)
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