"Cajun" Acadia Parish Speckled Kingsnake (#21007SpA)

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Description. These Super Sweet "Cajun" speckled babies are from south Louisiana parishes just east of Texas and the vaunted Harris county locales and tend to have similar characteristics as adult HC specimens with high yellow speckling and very yellow bellies.
This baby gal is 2' long and slamming fuzzies every meal no problem. This is a very heavily speckled female - going to be a knockout adult to look at. If you have any questions about this lil gal please don't hesitate to ask.
"Cajun" Acadia Parish
Speckled Kingsnake Baby/Juvenile
Lampropeltis getula holbrooki
Domestically Produced
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




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About Super Sweet Snake Shed. We are a small group of snake enthusiasts focused mainly on colubrids. We love baby colubrids, specifically king, rat, and pine snakes. Some of the babies we sell we produce in house and some come from breeders. Either way, we make sure our baby snakes are eating well prior to posting for sale. Our policy is to make sure all snakes posted for sale have eaten fuzzies for at least 3 consecutive meals. By that size they are all established and reliable eaters, making their transition to your home less of a worry for you. We guarantee any snake you purchase from us is a healthy snake with a great appetite.