Cuban False Chameleon Anole (#CFC-1)

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Description. Super sweet male Cuban false chameleon. Could use more handling.
Exact animal shown. Have any questions please let me know. Will tong feed.
Cuban False Chameleon
Anole Subadult
Domestically Produced




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Store policy. If you have any questions about care or want further info about any of the animal(s) we have please message us so we can assist you. Its always best to know exactly what you are getting into and the care needs of your animal(s) now and in the future. Im always happy to help. You can contact me via email at [email protected] or via messenger on either facebook or instagram @reptiliants.

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Payment Plans are available with a 20% nonrefundable down payment to hold the animal(s). Payment plans are generally for 30 days but the details can be worked out when the hold is setup. If for any reason you decided to not get said animal(s) during the agreed upon time frame than the down payment is forfeit and any money over the down payment will be refunded as a credit. If you have issues paying within the 30 days please contact me so we can see if we can work something out. If the 30 days go by and there has been no response from the buyer than any money paid towards animal(s) will be forfeit. Communication is key and we are always willing to work with you within reason. Down payments are nonrefundable to make up for costs of care during the hold and the loss of any potential buyers during that time.

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If The weather is not safe for shipping than the animal(s) can be placed on a hold until weather is more suitable. A hold will require a non refundable deposit at the time of the hold being placed. You can either pay the full amount for the animal(s) when the hold is placed or you can pay the rest once the weather is more suitable.

If you are interested in putting a hold on an animal please do contact us to discuss your options and payment. We can also do up to a week hold if you are needing more time to prepare your enclosure. Just let us know when we contact you for shipping if you need a couple more days.

If in an unfortunate scenario where your animal(s) losses its tail either in shipping or while on hold I do NOT refund or credit for it. An animal(s) can loss its tail when stressed or just because it wants to. Shipping an animal(s) can be stressful for them so they may drop their tail but we try to keep them as stress free as possible when shipped.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

In the scenario that the animal(s) are DOA at the hub I must be notified within 2 hour of the box being delivered. Pictures and possibly video will be required of the animal(s) as proof of DOA. If this does happen you can either recieve store credit or an animal of equal value or at my discretion a refund of the payment minus the shipping cost.

This is only void when; We are not notified within 2 hours of the box being delivered to the hub or if there’s a delay with FedEx or USPS which is out of our control. If you choose to have the animal delivered to a residence or some where other than a fedex hub we must be notified when animal is delievered since someone is required to be there in order to bring animal in immediately. You can reach us via email at [email protected] or via messenger on our facebook page at

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Please do not release animal(s) into the wild. Depending on where you live the animals are most likely not suited to live outside and if they are able to survive they can be invasive species to your area. Invasive species are not good for the eco system and can out compete the native species in your area causing them to become more scarce and possibly die out. If for some reason you are not able to continue caring for your animal(s) you obtained from us please do contact us and we can see what we can do about taking it back or possibly finding someone in your area for you that would take it in. Rehoming the animal is not our responsibilty but we will always help if we are able to. Please do not ship back any animals to us without prior approval.

Cash payments/Local Pick Up:

Cash payments are accepted at reptile shows i vend or can be done with local pick up in the spokane WA area. If you would like to avoid shipping charges or you live in or close to the spokane area than local pick up can be setup at a date and place chosen at time of purchase. Pick up or meet up is only in Spokane.

Reptile Expos:

I do vend at some of the Washington state expos and surrounding area so i can always bring the animals to the expo for pick up. A non refundable deposit or full payment of animal may be required.

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About Reptili-Ants. I'm a small time breeder of reptiles and invertebrates and a mom of two amazing children. I am still fairly new to breeding but have enjoyed and am very thankful I have been able to experience the love of reptiles and hoping to pass that love on to my children. I really enjoy working with a diverse group of animals and i'm looking forward to working with several other species that i dont currently have. I am currently breeding crested geckos, leopard geckos, pictus geckos, white lined geckos, a few species of goniurosaurus, mourning geckos, sphaerodactylus macrolepis, homopholis fasiata, and termite hill geckos. My goals are to expand on my current projects by getting into the much higher quality geckos but to be able to still offer more affordable geckos to people. I also would like to be able to offer more varieties of CB uncommon species to the pet hobby.