Hypo Trans Leatherback Orange.

Central Bearded Dragon Baby/Juvenile
Pogona vitticeps

ID: DB-2205_013

This baby is 15 in long.
Currently feeding on dubia, crickets, small superworms, repashy beardie buffet and lots of greens.
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Hypo Trans Leatherback Orange.

Central Bearded Dragon Baby/Juvenile
Pogona vitticeps


Birth: 30th July 2022
Weight: 200g
Length: 15 m (total length)
Diet: Live Roach

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Shipping: 50.00-70.00 (Domestic)
Trades: No Trades

Animal ID: DB-2205_013
First Posted: 01/02/23
Last Renewed: 01/31/23
Last Updated: 02/08/23

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