Citrus Tiger Blue Bar Pos Het Hypo Central Bearded Dragon (#202123)

Description. This is a pretty girl that is doing great and on her way of being a very healthy long lived dragon. She would be a great first pet/dragon and is dark now but will be getting more color as she grows with each shed.. you’ll be surprised with her color when she becomes an adult.. check my morphmarket customer reviews and my Instagram out if you’d like. My goal is to bring people together with these incredible animals caring about them and the customers. Thank you in advance for choosing Safe Haven Care&Quality- Michael :)
Citrus Tiger Blue Bar Pos Het Hypo
Central Bearded Dragon Baby/Juvenile
Pogona vitticeps
Citrus Tiger Pos Het Hypo Orange Purple/blue Tiger
2nd April 2021
Live Roach




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55.00-90.00 (Domestic)
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Store policy. Here at Safe Haven Care&Quality you will always recieve a quality animal at a fair price. Genetics/ hets are always a 100% guaranteed and multi gene animals will be id’d to my best abilities and in most cases you will always get more and never less, I will never I’d something as something if I’m not 100% sure if it’s in the animal. It’s a single man operation and my goal is to share the passion for this hobby and incredible animals along with trying to help others take there projects into a different direction and to take my projects That I’ve worked extremely hard towards getting to where I am and to take them to the next level with there own touch on it. I offer payment plans for purchases over $500 for up to 30 or 60 days to pay it off but would need at least a 25% non refundable down payment to hold the snake for you and to not sell it to anyone else while we wait for the snake to be paid in full and shipped. With purchases $1,200 and up I can extend it to be paid of within 60-90 days if needed because my goal is to give everyone a chance at owning and adding quality combos that they may of otherwise not of been able to afford all at once. I appreciate everyone that supports me and my brand and want to give a special thanks to everyone that brings one of my reptiles into there collections,, my real goal is to leave a smile on every customers face and to give them a lifetime of customer support and help if needed.
Safe Haven Care&Quality

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About Safe Haven Care&Quality. I’m a keeper turned breeder after several years of caring for and falling in love with many different species, I made a life long friend named Raffy, he is my year and a half old sulcata tortoise with a mighty shell and an personality to match, along with a few bearded dragons and of course my collection of quality ball pythons. I work with genetics and combos I love, mainly working with clown , hypo(ghost), pied, and working towards some puzzle stuff,, Every single pairing I do will be for future holdbacks that will stand out with quality and of course I’ll be releasing quite a few because we can’t keep them all but care and quality is my goal and making others happy with being able to get quality animals at a decent price, always fair and just want to share the passion for this hobby and these reptiles with like minded people that love animals and go for quality over just anything,,,