Red X Citrus Poss Central Bearded Dragon
(6 available)

Red X Citrus Poss Central Bearded Dragon
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Description. I have 12 available. Males and Females. If you are looking for a certain sex message me and I will do my best to check before hand. They are all eating a good diet of crickets, dubias, greens wise mustard and turnip greens mostly.
Red X Citrus Poss
Central Bearded Dragon Baby/Juvenile
Pogona vitticeps
(6 available)
Yellow/citrus Red
1st April 2021
Live Roach




Canton, Georgia United States of America flag

55.00-60.00 (Domestic)
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Store policy. Live arrival, genetics, sex, feeding and health guarantees.

30/60 day payment plans are available. Starting at $250. 25% Non refundable deposit required. 

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-If there are any issues with the animal, you must contact us with in the first hour after delivery/pick up. 
-temps are above 50 degrees or below 90 degrees in both the shipping and receiving state

Sex Guarantee
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