2 Month Old Het Trans Het Hypo Central Bearded Dragon (#f1)

2 Month Old Het Trans Het Hypo Central Bearded Dragon
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Description. Hatched April 20th. Father is a citrus tiger hypo trans leather back mother is a tan het leatherback. This clutch has been eating BSFL and offered greens every other day. Growing quickly. This dragon was in shed when its photo was taken its true color can be seen on the tail and back leg. No injuries. Unsure of gender. More photos always available with timestamps if wanted. Please feel free to inquire to get an estimate on shipping! Please read store policy before inquiring.
2 Month Old Het Trans Het Hypo
Central Bearded Dragon Baby/Juvenile
Pogona vitticeps
100% Het Translucent 100% Het Hypo Yellow/citrus
20th April 2021
15.2 cm (total length)
Live Roach

Sylvania, Ohio United States of America flag

50.00-100.00 (Domestic)
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About Bieber's Beardies. My name is Trent Bieber. I have kept Bearded Dragons as pets since I was a child and began breeding in late 2016. I officially started Biebers Beardies early 2020 and had an exciting first year selling here on morph market. My goals for the next few years include growing this business, breeding more intricate genetics such as zeros or witblits, and establishing a physical location. I currently have 1 breeding pair but own a total of 5 adult dragons ranging in age from 2 years to 7 years. I also own a pair of uromastyx and 3 leopard geckos. My goal as a breeder is to always provide dragons at affordable and competitive prices as well as providing a high quality and healthy dragon for the price. It has been my dream to a start a business from the ground up and doing so with something I love is truly a gift! Thank you for checking out my store page, I hope to do business with you soon! If you have any general questions for me you can always reach me through my face book page, I do my best to be diligent and respond as soon as I can!