Hypo Yellow Blue Bars Central Bearded Dragon (#HypoMaleB2)

Description. Holdback Release: He is a Hypo Normal Scale. His coloring is beautiful and his growth rate is amazing. He loves his greens as much as he does his bugs. He is currently eating a mix of dubia roaches, small super worms, medium hornworms, calci grubs, mealworms, occasional wax worms as a treat, and crickets. When I feed crickets I only put one in the enclosure at a time to make sure it's eaten because crickets can hide in the enclosure and come out at night and bite on the dragons. So be mindful when feeding crickets. A variety in the bearded dragons diet is key though. He is also eating a mix of mustard greens, turnip greens and collards.

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Hypo Yellow Blue Bars
Central Bearded Dragon Baby/Juvenile
Pogona vitticeps
Yellow/citrus Purple/blue Hypo
31st August 2021
30 m (total length)
Live Roach




Waynesboro, Mississippi United States of America flag

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About Golden Girls Dragon. We are small and family owned. We put so much love and care into all our dragons. We do not sell babies until they have reached optimal weight and have went through their first shed. We want to see all our dragons thrive and bring joy to all their new families as they have brought joy to our family.

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