Pine Island Electric Green Project Bloodline 1

Chahoua Gecko Adult
Mniarogekko chahoua

ID: 242

Nice red and green from my Pine Island Electric Green Project Bloodline 1. Parents pictured at my website [Link Removed]. Dam obtained from eastern bloc country, male from PDV stock. This project is known for the bright greens and some geckos have turned out very red with some nice green too! This one is a pink and green, dropping infertile eggs and gravid in these pics! Pics are not adjusted for color. ... View more

Pine Island Electric Green Project Bloodline 1

Chahoua Gecko Adult
Mniarogekko chahoua


Birth: 8th October 2019
Weight: 50g
Diet: Live Meal Replacement

Shipping: 50.00-60.00 (Domestic)
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Animal ID: 242
Group ID: Chewy_1
First Posted: 08/28/22
Last Renewed: 01/17/23
Last Updated: 01/17/23

Burlington, North Carolina
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Chahoua Gecko Clutch: Chewy_1

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"The Ultimate Gecko Guide, 10 Favorite Geckos" Reptiles Magazine, August 2012
"Amazing Acrobats, Fan-Footed Geckos" Reptiles Magazine, January 2011
"Species Profile: Tokay Gecko," Reptiles Magazine, May 2006
"Dazzling Day Geckos" Reptiles Magazine, February 2004
"Five Great Pet Shop Geckos" Reptiles Magazine, 2001 Annual feature article.

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