Red Confetti Superdalmatian Crested Gecko (#ZM-iv-confetti3)

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Description. This red confetti superdalmatian is just starting to develop red spots with a lot of existing black spots. It will make for an attractive adult, as they continue to adopt more spots with age. Eating Pangea and insect.
Red Confetti Superdalmatian
Crested Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Correlophus ciliatus
Red Spot Super Dalmatian Red
28th June 2022
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If an animal arrives in a condition that you find unsatisfactory, please message us with clear documentation in the form of the clear photos and or videos where you thoroughly detail the issue you have with the animal. You must initiate communications with me via email or PM within 2 hours of picking up the animal (time noted by your signature with FedEx) to be considered valid. In the event there is an illness or injury, we may request that you go to a nearby veterinarian who specializes in exotic animal care, paid for by the buyer, for medical evaluation (within 48 hours of receiving the gecko). Evidence of veterinary specialty and proof of examination must be approved by Reagent Geckos prior to examination to uphold the Terms of Service (TOS). Results of the examination must be shared with Reagent Geckos for refund consideration.
If shipping or returning an animal back to us for refund, per above guidelines, you must also follow all instructions by me, including what kind of box (insulated with structural integrity), Uniheat heating packs or Phase 22 Cryopacks (etc.), in order to ensure a safe return of the animal – including adhering to my shipping schedule or choice. Non-compliance in any manner or form, including using the wrong types of heating elements for shipping, will void this agreement and you will not be considered for in-store credit or a refund.
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9. Animal Sex and Appearance:
The sex of geckos can be difficult to determine at a young age due to the size of pores and challenges in accurately seeing them. For this reason, only animals listed as male or female are guaranteed to be these sexes for the animal’s lifetime. In cases where I say the animal has NPV (no pores visible) or “Poss (or possible) male/female,” then the animal is not guaranteed to be either sex. Due to the nature of ontogenetic color changes, I can only help predict how an animal will appear as an adult. Therefore, how a gecko will appear as an adult is never guaranteed, but is instead predicted based on a variety of factors. Reagent Geckos will try to give you an idea how they might look, however, no refunds will be considered for animals that did not meet some expectation or standard (i.e., the animal is not red enough, or doesn’t have the expected number of spots). Photo representations of these animals provide a glimpse as to how the animal may appear later in life.
10. Animals Not Guaranteed After Receipt:
Animals are not guaranteed after their safe arrival as there is no way for me to prove that correct husbandry conditions were satisfied. If you have questions about how we personally keep my animals, please don't hesitate to request more information. However, please do your research about these reptiles, they are living things and require the utmost care for their successful, captive lives. Feel free to ask me for care resources, including websites and documents.
11. Right to Refuse Service:
I reserve the right to cancel an order for any reason I deem appropriate without explanation, especially in situations where I strongly feel the seller's home might not be the right match. These are live animals and deserve to be treated as such. In the rare event an animal dies soon after receiving an animal (less than 7 days), granting a refund for store credit will only be considered on a case-by-case basis, and I may require photos of the animal's enclosure and other documentation of care strategy, carefully considering the time the animal has been in the home and whether instructions for care were adequately followed.
12. Buyer Shipping Responsibility and Dropped Gecko Tails Policy:
Shipping costs and materials will be paid by the customer, unless otherwise indicated or included in the advertisement, and will be determined at the time of sale based on the start and end location for the parcel to be shipped using Reptiles2You. Only overnight priority shipping or local pick-ups in the Pittsburgh metro area will be considered, as these are live animals that can easily perish under the wrong conditions or handling.
Rarely animals will drop tails in transit to the customer. This is something that can be disappointing and is unexpected, but it does not affect the health or personality of the animal. No refunds or discounts will be offered in the event a tail is dropped. We will not ship when temperatures are too warm or too cold or if there are known delays in the FedEx network (Please see Reptiles2You for more information). Note that in the rare event of a FedEx delay, we will assist in providing updates to you as soon as we get them from FedEx and Reptiles2You; however, we cannot control the parcel after it leaves me, so please have patience.
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Any injuries sustained during shipping are not my financial responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, small scrapes, cuts, dehydration, drowning, choking, or unexpected death. Please consider including FedEx shipping insurance ($2.50/$100) for ease of mind: []. Additionally, I am not responsible for any carrier delays or any other delivery issues including, but not limited, to dead on arrivals due to delays.

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