Red Bi-Color Yellow Highlights Crested Gecko (#Bruno)

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Description. Bruno is a large red bi color Male and is so much prettier in person. He has a massive head and fantastic structure, he is RTB and would be a great addition for anyone's reds projects or even just as a pet. He fantastic at handling and chilling out with you.
Red Bi-Color Yellow Highlights
Crested Gecko Adult
Correlophus ciliatus
Bi-color Phantom
Domestically Produced
Meal Replacement




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60.00-100.00 (Domestic)
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Store policy. Any care questions or concerns you have before buying Im more than happy to help with in order to make sure you have an appropiate environment ready for your new animal to thrive in. I dont aim to be a breeder that just mass produces and sells animals to just anyone for a buck but inspire to make available these incredible animals to responsible keepers that share in my passion and enjoyment of "long term" keeping and understand the commitment involved.

All animals come with a 5 day health Guarantee.. I am not responsible for any decline in health after that 5 days due to poor husbandry, improper lighting or heating, etc. However like mentioned above I am more than happy to go over ANY care questions you have before purchasing to make sure youre prepped and ready for your new pet so please know your skill level and reach out with questions or concerns beforehand. I will NOT ship out an animal I see to be sickly, in poor shape, or anything less than perfect!!

I will ship through Fed Ex Reptiles 2 U Mon through Weds of weeks with permitting weather. If temps are not between 40° - 85° than shipping will be required to be put on hold until better shipping weather permits. Shipping fees must be covered by buyer before animal ships. As of July 2021 I am ONLY shipping to hubs for pickups! With the number of animals that are being left in trucks for hours passed the expected delivery time and dying I won't risk it until fed ex is doing better.

D O.A.
In the unlikely event that your animal is deceased upon arrival i will offer a few options" An instore credit for future purchase or an animal of equal value. In certain cases to my discretion a full refund minus shipping expenses will be offered but that's only if I don't have an animal of equal value & no mistakes were made during the shipping process (like hold ups, damage the box or animals, etc) In order for you to qualify for these options someone must have been there to recieve the animal, I must be notified within 30 mins of delivery time (picts and/video will be required to prove animal is in fact deceased), or if shipped to hub you must have picked up animal within 3hrs of its arrival at the hub. Animals usually arrive by 9am to the hubs. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DROPPED TAILS DURING SHIPPING. This doesn't warrant a refund, partial refund, or credit. This is a natural response to stress for a lot of these reptiles and the shipping process can be scary for them especially if not handled with care. However once an animals leaves my hands I can't control the treatment of the box and animal while in transition.
Payment plans on animals over $300 are accepted with 25% down NON-REFUNDABLE payment to hold and the remainder to be paid in weekly payments over 30 days. If any additional animals are added. I will add an extra 30 days to the payment plan so I can ship all together and save buyer on shipping cost. If for any reason you can not make a payment one week , I am more than willing to work with you as long as you stay in communication with me. If you haven't paid off within the 30 day time frame and we have not spoken to work out an extension than you forfeit all money paid. AGAIN if you are responsible and communicating with me I'm always willing to work with you. If you change your mind within the 30 days time frame about purchasing an animal that you have put a hold on then 35% of total cost of animal will not be returned in refund to cover expenses that have gone into the animal and loss of other potential buyers but the remainder of paid monies will be returned.
Animals CAN NOT be returned once shipped so please make sure you have considered the expenses, care requirements, and longevity of life. Buyers remorse, personal situations changing last minute, Etc. Do not warrant a return nor am I going to put that kind of stress on these animals of shipping back and forth. If In the very rare and unlikely event I allow an animal to be shipped back refund will not be issued and buyer is responsible for shipping cost.
Ultimately all transactions should run smooth if you are a responsible and have done your research before buying. If you have any questions about any animals or any of my policy please message me and I will gladly take the time with you.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.
About Southern Gurl Exotics. I'm just a gurl with a passion (some may obsession) for keeping, caring, and producing these beautiful and unique animals we call reptiles. Ive kept reptiles for many years, several different species but it wasn't until the last 3-4 years that I've decided to take breeding to the next level. My goal is to produce higher quality animals but making them available at more affordable prices so any keepers with a love and passion have the opportunity to experience these animals. Like most reptile keepers after keeping my 1st reptiles(a bearded dragon & leopard gecko) I was hooked on how rewarding, fun, & special these animals truly are. I hope to leave a mark in this hobby by bettering the genetics of captive bred animals, highering the bar on care standards, and expanding the knowledge needed to help conserve these species both in captivity and in the wild. Im currently working with African Fat Tails, Uroplatus, higher end but limited Crested geckos (lillies, charcoal, & tris), all morphs and color combos of Gargoyle geckos, Crotaphytus collaris, & a few other species. I look forward to doing business with you & I'm always available to just talk geckos!!