RTB Extreme Harlequin High Contrast Crested Gecko (#Clyde)

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Description. Here is your chance to start off with a PROVEN pair of AWESOME Extreme Harlequin - High Contrast breeders. Bonnie & Clyde are proven breeders. Of all of my breeding pairs these two are the only ones that have been able to be together permanently - if given enough hiding spaces for Bonnie to get a break.
#1: I will ONLY sell as a Pair - I will NOT separate so don't even ask.
#2: These 2 are BREEDERS - They were not handled before I got them and they Don't want to be
They don't want to be your friend, pet or best friend. In fact you will rarely see them. All they
want is food, water, big tank and a Lay Box. They are happy together. In return you get to
feed, water, clean their tank and as a reward get the most BEAUTIFUL Marked offspring.

Message me for more info and/or Pics. Can provide pics of offspring too. I need to sell these two to make room for a Lily White project I'm starting. I'm running out of room.
Price is $250 Each obo
RTB Extreme Harlequin High Contrast
Crested Gecko Adult
Correlophus ciliatus
Dark Extreme Harlequin
Domestically Produced
13th August 2019
Live Meal Replacement




Bemidji, Minnesota United States of America flag

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50.00-90.00 (Domestic)
Will Consider
No Trades
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Store policy. ** Please Read All the Store Policy BEFORE you pay for the cute little Crestie **
Store Policy: If you have questions ask First I want you to be happy with your purchase. I reserve the right to refuse the sale to anyone.
Payments: I accept Paypal only at this time. Payment in Full or 25% down (non-refundable) the balance due within 7 days After payment or deposit I will contact you for all information required for shipment. Be sure you have the correct shipping address for the FedEx HUB we are shipping to. **IMPORTANT** Be SURE the FedEx Hub accepts Live Animals. Not all do. I am not responsible for any incorrect address that you give me. Any noncommunication for 2 weeks and the gecko will be relisted with no refund given. Emergencies happen - just send a quick message.
Shipping: Shipping Costs are extra unless otherwise posted. I ship only within the Lower 48 States with temps being between 40 - 85 degrees on both ends. Shipped FedEX Priority Overnight to the closest HUB ONLY. Days shipped are Monday - Wednesday to insure the gecko arrives on time. You must go to the Hub to pick it up. If the weather interferes with our plans then I will hold your gecko for an agreed amount of time or with an additional deposit I will hold it longer. Any holds to be paid in full and discussed ahead of time. Local PickUp also available- meeting at a local public place.
Health: Upon picking up you must contact me within 1 hr with a picture to let me know it's ok. Any DOA requires a video and picture within the 1st hour. Your gecko will be replaced with a comparable gecko if one is available otherwise a credit will be given for a future purchase. Geckos must be picked up at the Hub the day they arrive there. We offer Live Arrival and 7 day guarantee. If, during the first 7 days, if you have any concerns about the health of your gecko whether it looks sick, not eating etc contact me so I can help. Failure to let me know there is a problem voids the health guarantee. Cash refunds are Not given.
The Health Guarantee does NOT cover poor husbandry. Do your research before purchasing. I will be asking questions, it’s nothing personal. These are living creatures and I take the business of breeding them personally.
Dropped Tail: Cresties will drop their tail occasionally. This does not affect their breeding, health nor personality therefore no refund will be provided.
Sex of Gecko: I do Not guarantee the sex of the gecko if it is under 25 grams.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.
About Crestie Obsession & More. I have loved reptiles my entire life being the daughter of a father with asthma. Iguanas and Horned Toads were a few of my first pets.
I've previously raised and sold Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons and Jackson Chameleons. A few years ago I discovered Crested Geckos and I was hooked. Their goofy personalities make me laugh every day.
I specialize in Extreme Harlequins, Halloweens, Tri-Colors and Tigers. Website with Parent Pictures and others for sale coming soon: www.crestieobsession.com. ** If there is something special or unique you are looking for Contact Me. I have many other cuties and Hold Backs that I would consider selling. Some are super dark Harlequins that fire up almost black. I also have some beautiful Tigers - some Bold Tigers and some Red Tigers. ** If interested in any of my babies or have questions - Contact me through Messenger or Email first - I've been getting crank phone calls so prefer questions in writing. Thank you for understanding.