Red Harlequin 100% Het Phantom Crested Gecko (#21-TTG7666-M)

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Description. This nice red male has good amounts of cream with a very small amount of white as well. Also happens to be 100% het phantom. If you have questions about het phantom please message me. Parents are the last photo, dad is not a Lilly.

Sire: Diamond, Produced by Mama T's Cresties, Sire: Inazuma Dam: Cookie, Berry Patch Geckos (Quidditch x Coconut)

Dam: Red Velvet
Red Harlequin 100% Het Phantom
Crested Gecko Adult
Correlophus ciliatus
Harlequin Partial Pinstripe 100% Het Phantom Pinstripe Cream Red Drippy
16th September 2021
Meal Replacement




Manitowoc, Wisconsin United States of America flag

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