Extreme Harlequin Lavender Crème And White

Crested Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Correlophus ciliatus

ID: 22-MAOR-01

Extreme lavender harlequin, sandy crème and white markings. Very nice in person pictures do no justice.
Prod by gecko fidelity out of maple (no linage) x Oreo (Lycos x Tink[Shaka x Twink prod by. Lac Herps]) prod by warren reptiles}.
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Extreme Harlequin Lavender Crème And White

Crested Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Correlophus ciliatus


Origin: Domestically Produced
Birth: 2022
Weight: 6g
Diet: Live Meal Replacement

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Shipping: 55.00-155.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: 22-MAOR-01
First Posted: 12/23/22
Last Renewed: 03/02/23
Last Updated: 03/02/23

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- Death Due to Improper Care and Feeding is Excluded -
Proper diet and housing is crucial when caring for a Crested Gecko. A varied diet of Repashy Crested Gecko MRP and crickets/roaches dusted with calcium is strongly recommended. We do not guarantee your Crested Gecko will eat or grow well on a poor diet. If you fail to provide your gecko with proper nutrition, housing or keeping it in the right temperature range it will VOID our guarantee. Please do your research on how to house this species before buying from us. We have no control over how the geckos will be looked after or to what diseases or parasites they might be exposed to once it leaves our facility. Because of this, we can only guarantee the gecko to be healthy for seven days.

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I reserve the right to refuse the service of a customer if I have reasonable belief that they would provide inadequate care that may lead to illness/death as a result


The health of the geckos we breed and sell is of our highest priority. In the highly unlikely event that your Crested Gecko arrives in bad shape or deceased, you must contact us immediately. If the gecko is still alive we can help remedy the problem before it's too late. If the gecko arrived dead we require digital pictures be sent to [email protected] within 4 hours of delivery. If we determine your claim to be valid we will help find a suitable replacement gecko for you. We do not issue refunds under any circumstances. The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges associated with replacements.

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We do not offer refunds under any circumstances, no exceptions will be made!

Only order if you are 100% sure you have done your research and can afford to care for the gecko properly.

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