Peanut- Super Dalmatian High Contrast Quadstripe Crested Gecko (#934N07)

Peanut- Super Dalmatian High Contrast Quadstripe Crested Gecko
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Description. Vanilla x Poppi- Should end up a bright white and black high contrast quadstripe! Has a ton of spots already for the size, should be a stunner when an adult!
Peanut- Super Dalmatian High Contrast Quadstripe
Crested Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Correlophus ciliatus
Dalmatian Quad-stripe Super Dalmatian Ink Spot Cream Black Dark
Live Meal Replacement

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40.00-60.00 (Domestic)

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Store policy. Holds: A gecko will be held for a minimum of $50 or 20% of the purchase price, whichever is greater. A deposit needs to be sent over before gecko is considered on hold. The deposit to hold a gecko is non-refundable, but is transferable to another gecko. Geckos placed on hold will be held until temperatures reach between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Payment Plans: Payment arrangements will be on a case by case basis agreed upon in writing by both parties. If payment is made and I am unable to contact you to arrange shipment or for your next payment in a considerable amount of time, two weeks will be given for response. After that time the gecko is considered abandoned and will be placed for sale again, payment will not be returned for abandoned geckos.

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Health Guarantee: All geckos sold by Reptilian Overlords Inc come with a 15 day health guarantee. You are responsible to contact me via phone, email, or text to let me know that you received your gecko and the condition of the gecko upon arrival. If you do not contact me within 1 hour of arrival all health guarantees are null and void. If your gecko becomes ill or dies within 15 days, we will offer a replacement gecko of similar quality and price in exchange, or offer a credit for purchase of a gecko at Reptilian Overlords Inc. Proof of illness or death is required. This health guarantee does not cover injury sustained after arrival, such as injury sustained from other pets, tail loss, burns from inappropriate enclosure, etc. Please keep cats out of gecko rooms, they are responsible for many gecko deaths. Tail loss during shipment is not covered, shipping can cause stress which may lead to tail loss. Reptilian Overlords Inc is not responsible for delays by the carrier or other issues caused by carrier. Feeding baby food voids all health guarantees.

FINALLY: I am a small breeder doing this as a side-hobby and try to house my geckos in the best conditions I can. Please know that purchasing a gecko is a 15-20 year commitment and to give these little guys the best love and attention. I may ask to see your enclosure purely on the stance that I care for each animal here as my personal pet.
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