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    2023 Yellow Harlequin

    Crested Gecko Baby
    Correlophus ciliatus


    2023 Yellow Harlequin

    Crested Gecko Baby
    Correlophus ciliatus


    Beautiful little yellow harlequin hatched 3/12/23. A total sweetheart!
    Sex: ?
    Origin: Self Produced
    Birth: 12th March 2023
    Weight: 7g

    Shipping: Local Pickup Only
    Shipping Details: Local Pickup Only

    Animal ID: Harly3
    First Posted: 10/02/23
    Last Updated: 10/02/23

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    About Villainous Geckos

    I am a small hobby breeder looking to breed beautiful crested geckos that will make amazing pets for both experienced reptile keepers and newbies alike.

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