Tiger Crested Gecko (#ECC_AC_T_T-TG)

Tiger Crested Gecko
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Description. A lovely little one with distinct, high-contrast tiger patterning and a white lateral stripe. Check out those super cute tiger stripes across his/her nose! He/she is growing nicely and becoming accustomed to gentle handling.
Crested Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Correlophus ciliatus
Brindle Tiger
Domestically Produced
Meal Replacement

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30.00-65.00 (Domestic)

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Store policy. ** Note: hot summer weather is here! Crested geckos are very sensitive to heat. At my discretion, I will ship to homes if the high temperature is under 75 degrees, and I will ship for FedEx Center pickup if the high temperature is under 80 degrees. For some rural home addresses, FedEx will not guarantee morning delivery, and for those addresses the high temperature must be under 70 degrees. In-person pickups can continue. If it is hot and you would like to buy a gecko anyway, I am happy to keep your gecko for as long as it takes until there is acceptable shipping weather. **

Shipping policies:

Your gecko can be shipped via FedEx overnight shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states (sorry, no international or Alaska/Hawaii shipping). Shipments will go out Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday for receipt on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, respectively. Shipments can be sent to a home or office address where you or another adult will be present to accept and sign for the package, or they can be sent to a FedEx Ship Center that accepts live animals, where you must pick it up the same day as its arrival. Normally in that case the package will arrive at the ship center early in the morning, so you will have all day to pick it up. (If you are thinking about this option, I do recommend it. It is easier for the gecko, more flexible for you, and removes the risk of delivery error.) Shipments to home or office addresses will only be sent if the weather at the destination and here in Boston is between 35-75 degrees. Shipments to a FedEx center may still be allowed if the temperature is a little bit outside that range. Our shipping costs come straight from ShipYourReptiles and depend mostly on distance. For instance, typically shipping to New England will be between $30-35 and shipping to California will be between $60-65.

For those who live in the northeast or are visiting, we are happy to meet you for an in-person pickup.

We collectively have many years of experience with geckos and reptile shipping, and we are proud to say that every one of our geckos has arrived at their destination healthy. That said, we have a live animal arrival guarantee within two hours of receiving the package. In order to receive a refund, you must email us photos of the deceased animal within two hours of the package being delivered to your address or being picked up from the FedEx Ship Center. This guarantee is void if an adult does not personally sign for the package at the address or if the package is not picked up from the FedEx Ship Center the same day as its arrival. While it is very unlikely that a gecko would drop its tail during shipping, if this happens send a photo of the gecko and the dropped tail within two hours of arrival/pickup and we will provide a 25% refund (though honestly they are cuter without the tail).

Payment policies:

Payment is made through PayPal. We can reserve a gecko for up to one week with a nonrefundable 40% deposit. A gecko paid in full can be held for up to one month after purchase to fit your personal schedule, and indefinitely if we are waiting on acceptable weather conditions. If, after paying in full, you need to cancel your order or cannot receive the shipment within one month of purchase for non-weather reasons, we will refund 50% of the purchase price and all of the shipping cost. In the highly unlikely case that we need to cancel the order, you will of course receive a full refund. Discounts are available if you buy more than one animal from our store at the same time.

Additional notes:

We are always happy to consult on how to house and care for our geckos, if you are new to the species--please ask any questions you might have if you are unsure.

I can check the pores on any unsexed gecko upon request, though I cannot guarantee sex through this method.
About Estellamina Herps. I represent the members of a small-scale collecting and breeding group in the New England area, specializing in crested geckos and gargoyle geckos. Our group as a whole takes pride in the beautiful morphs, genetic strength, and good health of our geckos. Hatchlings, juveniles, and any other geckos listed for sale live in my home, and I personally take pride in spending time with each gecko and closely monitoring their health, growth rate, habits, and individual personality quirks, as well as socializing them to be comfortable with human handling in a gradual and low-stress way. We love and admire our pet geckos and enjoy sending our for-sale geckos off to great homes!