Proven Male Lilly White Crested Gecko (#PHOBOS)

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Proven Male Lilly White Crested Gecko
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Description. Proven Male Lilly White
Lineage from Lilly Exotics in UK
Proven Male
Proven Male Lilly White
Crested Gecko Adult
Correlophus ciliatus
Lilly White Harlequin




Buffalo, New York United States of America flag

35.00-65.00 (Domestic)
No Trades
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Store policy. Contact Information:
Facebook Messenger – Flagship Reptiles page
Email: [email protected]
Funds must be made via PayPal, though we do also accept cash on occasion. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase.
Payment plans can be arranged on any purchase over $200.00 with a 25% non-refundable deposit. Payment plan terms will be decided on a case-by-case basis, with most payment plans being 30 days or less. The terms of the plan must be strictly followed by the buyer or they will risk losing out on their deposit.
Flagship Reptiles LLC has the right to refuse any purchase for any reason.
Health, Sex and DOA Guarantee:
Seller guarantees live arrival on all reptiles, as long as buyer follows the terms of this agreement in entirety. Buyer must contact Flagship Reptiles LLC within 1 hour of delivery to confirm the health of the reptile. If the reptile is DOA (dead on arrival) the seller will require the buyer to be fully cooperative in answering questions as well as providing photographical evidence. If the seller confirms the reptile arrived DOA, seller will provide store credit for the sale price of the reptile. Actual shipping costs will not be credited.
Flagship Reptiles LLC offers a 3 day health guarantee on live reptiles, beginning when the buyer confirms delivery. If an issue arises within those 3 days, the buyer must contact seller and be fully cooperative in answering questions in regards to the husbandry of the reptile. If the seller determines that the buyer did not provide proper husbandry of the reptile, the health guarantee is null and void. If seller determines that the buyer provided proper care, the seller will work with the buyer to bring the reptile up to health.
Due to the stress of shipping, some reptiles may partially or fully drop their tails. This is rare, but does happen from time to time. The seller does not provide refunds, partial refunds, or store credit for dropped or partially dropped tails.
Sexed reptiles will be listed specifically as “male” or “female,” and are guaranteed as such. If buyer determines that the sex of the reptile is incorrect, they must provide seller with further information, as well as pictures to determine if an error was made. If seller determines an error was made in sexing, we will provide returned shipping and offer store credit for the sale price of the reptile. Reptiles listed as “possible” male/female or “probable” male/female, are not guaranteed.
Due to the many variables in monitor settings, seller cannot guarantee animal colors.
Flagship Reptiles LLC does offer local pickup on a case-by-case basis. Purchases via local pickup require a 25% non-refundable deposit via PayPal to place a hold on the animal. Buyer must contact seller before making any deposit in order to set an agreed upon time and location to meet. No shows or extended delays will be treated as abandoned orders. In the case of an abandoned order the reptile will be relisted, and there will be no refund of the buyer’s deposit.
Due to the nature of shipping live animals, it is at the seller’s sole discretion when the reptile can be shipped. This is based on weather at the seller’s shipping location, the buyer’s preferred delivery location, and any shipping hub in between. Generally, we will only ship in temperatures of between 40F – 80F, utilizing reptile-safe cold or heat packs when necessary. Shipping might also be delayed for reasons such as FedEx delays, natural disasters, or other issues where we believe we may be putting the reptile at risk. Please note that Flagship Reptiles LLC is located in an area which receives heavy snow and extremely cold weather generally between the months of September – March. If the buyer demands shipment by means of PayPal dispute or harassment, we will do our best to attempt shipment; however all guarantees are null and void, and buyer will be blacklisted from purchasing in the future.
Live animals will be shipped overnight, Monday through Wednesday only. This potentially keeps shipment delays from extending to the weekend when FedEx does not deliver.
Seller is not responsible for carrier delays or any issues arising from the carrier. When a shipment day is agreed upon, the buyer understands that they must be available on the day of delivery to receive the shipment. Seller does not require signatures for deliveries; however buyer must be present to receive hand-off of the delivery by FedEx. To avoid possible miss-deliveries, please review the address associated to your PayPal account to confirm it is current and correct. We always recommend the buyer to locate a nearby FedEx hub for delivery of live shipments. Shipping to a FedEx Hub as opposed to residential delivery keeps the reptiles off a delivery truck where temperatures are unregulated.
***Please note that all live animal purchases are final – There are no refunds or exceptions***

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.
About Flagship Reptiles. Flagship Reptiles is a crested gecko breeder located in Buffalo, New York