Dark Tri-Color Pin-dashed Harlequin Tailless / Juvenile **SHIPPED $! Crested Gecko (#PIND-DRK-TRI-C…)

Description. Dark base, Tri-color, White Fringing Pin-dashed back pattern. Fringing of orange on crest has begun to show! Tailless. Beautiful baby, still developing their markings and continues to improve each shed.

Firefly (Male Tricolor Pinstripe - Method Noir Bred) X Tiny (Fem. Extreme Harlequin Creme, Gold & Black, Tricolor) **Photos available on website!
Hatchdate: Nov 2020
Weight: 11.2g *8-22-21
Diet: Pangea/Repashy Mix & Crickets/Insects.
Sex: No Pores seen yet

This kid is very sweet and loves being held. Colors & patterns continue to improve each shed! Fires up very dark!
Dark Tri-Color Pin-dashed Harlequin Tailless / Juvenile **SHIPPED $!
Crested Gecko Subadult
Correlophus ciliatus
Pin-dashed Tailless Snowflake Fringing Dark Black Tri-color
November 2020
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About Legacy Exotics: Cresties. Own and breed exotic reptiles for 10+ years. We strive for best health and quality geckos/reptiles. We have a few pairs currently. This will be primary store for Crested Geckos babies once we have any available. Feel free to contact us with any questions! -Dana