Description: This gorgeous little possible female comes from our 2020 Red Cloud group project. This gecko is feeding on a rotation of Pangea and repashy gecko diet, crickets, and wax worms on occasion. ... View more

    Red Base Lilly White

    Crested Gecko Baby
    Correlophus ciliatus


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    ID: RC121920

    Red Base Lilly White

    Crested Gecko Baby
    Correlophus ciliatus


    This gorgeous little possible female comes from our 2020 Red Cloud group project. This gecko is feeding on a rotation of Pangea and repashy gecko diet, crickets, and wax worms on occasion.
    Origin: Self Produced
    Birth: 19th December 2020
    Weight: 10g
    Diet: Live Meal Replacement

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    Animal ID: RC121920
    First Posted: 09/01/21
    Last Updated: 09/04/21

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    Replacements or Credit:

    -We do not offer replacement, or credit for the following reasons:

    1.Tail drops
    2.Skittish behavior
    3.Defensive behavior
    4.Lack of entertainment
    5. Lack of emotional bond.
    6.You fear for your life when the gecko menacingly stares into your soul.
    7. Sexing on probable males or females is not guaranteed on any gecko under 20 grams and credits or replacement will not be offered on any gecko labeled probable or unsexed in the event animal matures to an undesired sex.
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    -In the event more time is needed to complete a payment plan communication is mandatory and additional time may be granted.

    -In the event buyer fails to communicate responsibly in a timely manner in regards to delays, payment issues, etc. in the agreed timeframe between both parties buyer forfeits both their initial deposit and animal.

    -Once a payment plan is established and initial deposit is received buyer is obligated to complete the payment plan agreement. Failure to complete the agreed upon payment plan will result in forfeiture of the animal and money paid towards said animal.

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