Gorgeous White Spot Crested Gecko (#ArOa1013)

Description. ArOa1013. Very uncommon line. Super cool pattern on this 36 gram male. White spot trait. Photos do no justice. He seems to have developed a bit of FTS. Not bad, Tail got heavy quick on this boy.

Arias (We purchased directly from Northern Gecko)

Oak is fantastic! Received in a Tinley trade from Sticky Feet Reptiles. Produced by Sticky Feet Reptiles. Out of Pephedro (Northern Gecko) X Zeus (Gateway Gecko via Gecko Brothel)

Parent photos included on our website as well as more of this boy
Gorgeous White Spot
Crested Gecko Adult
Correlophus ciliatus
Snowflake Harlequin
13th October 2019
Live Meal Replacement




Gettysburg, Pennsylvania United States of America flag

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About Gecko Haven. We have been breeding and selling crested, gargoyle, chahoua, leachianus geckos since 2008. The last several years we had expanded to tristis , red ackies, viper, tiger, binoei, wheeleri geckos, gastropholis, oedura, P. bastardi, P ibityensis and a few others. We currently have great leopard gecko breeding stock! Our main focus is leopards, crested, gargoyle, leachie geckos. Check with us in regards to shipping out of the US. We have had a website since 2008 as well as many favorable reviews on Fauna when that was active. We are a new seller here on MM but that is the only place we are new. We hope you give us a chance to earn your business.