RTB Ink Spot Dalmation, Red Base Crested Gecko (#Ink)

Description. Beautiful Dalmation with Ink Spots. Pinkish base color. Fires up light red. RTB this season

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RTB Ink Spot Dalmation, Red Base
Crested Gecko Adult
Correlophus ciliatus
Red Dalmatian Ink Spot




Lawton, Oklahoma United States of America flag

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About Bonanza's Marvelous Reptiles. We focus on breeding high end Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Ball pythons and other selected reptiles. Michael first became fascinated with dinosaurs when he was able to pick up a book and read. This spurred his interest in living dinosaurs, reptiles. He started catching and collecting them at a very young age. The first reptile was a musk turtle, caught in a local pond. When Michael was about 10 or 11 he talked his parents into letting him have a ball python. He worked with ball pythons for many years and then the military transferred to Europe and Michael had to lend out and sell most of them before he left.

While Michael was stationed in Europe he met his wife Svenja, she re-energized interest in reptiles, particularly crested geckos. This is when we met Nick Lumb (Lilly Exotics) at the Hamm Reptile show in Germany. The military decided it was time for to transfer again and this time we decided to import our reptiles we acquired in Europe to the U.S. Our collection grew constantly and we were lucky enough to produce several Lilly Whites in 2018 and now in 2019. We look forward to sharing our reptiles with you.