Star Sire Crested Gecko (#SLC104)

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Description. I absolutely HATE to let Tamarack go as he is one of my favorites. He has produced killer babies for me season after season and I have several already that I’m keeping. Please message me for pics of offspring if you are truly interested and can afford the asking price. Kids sell at $400-$500 minimum. Depending on who you pair him with he consistently produces either extreme harleys and/or high patterned pinstripes. Second pic is of parents: The incredible, late, great Tabernacle (Puffy x Bieber) of Harlequin Hoard x Ministar (Captain x Sunburst)
Star Sire
Crested Gecko Adult
Correlophus ciliatus
Pinstripe Tri-color




San Rafael, California United States of America flag

70.00 (Domestic)
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