Adult Proven Male Hypo-Line Eastern Blue-Tongued Skink (#13-MP-HypoEast…)

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Description. One of a kind! Hypos ( white morph ) are extremely rare here in the US. He is very calm and handable. I've yet to breed him myself. I have no females and not planning to get any more skinks. Last owner mentioned that he is a very eager breeder. Has made hypos with a female. Rubbed scale on his head that has healed up. Doesn't effect him. He is perfectly healthy.
- Produced by Ray Gurgui himself ( which sadly lost most of his eastern and northerns in his collection, during Covid, but didn't go into detail about it ).
From his Brisbane lineage.

Eating well on high quality wet dog food mixed with greens. Occasional treats of f/t pinkies or small mice, berries/fruits and even Reptillinks, 25/25/50 Omnivore blend.

Local sale preferred. Will only be able to ship if temps are safe on both end. Not too cold.

Considering trades for either high end Western Hognose snake/snakes or proven group of Pygmy spiny-tailed skinks ( Egernia Depressa ). Nothing else is of interest
Adult Proven Male Hypo-Line
Eastern Blue-Tongued Skink Adult
Tiliqua scincoides scincoides
100% Het Hypo (Eastern)
Domestically Produced




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