Blix - Red-Striped Gargoyle Gecko (#20220707UGG6)

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Description. *Updated pics 9/20 (fired up!)*
This adorable little goblin has some really nice contrast and crests developing. It might have a red or orange base but only time will tell. When fired down it has a lovely lavender base. Blix is easy to handle and will make a fantastic pet or future breeder some day. I'll be updating pics as they grow periodically, but you can see many more pics of Blix and their parents and siblings on our Instagram @ gwengecko and with Blix's hashtag #blixgecko or #gwengecko
Mom: Saoirse (BB's Cresteds)
Dad: Inigo (Steadfast Lizards)
This kid is eating a range of Pangea flavors (fig and insect, watermelon, fruit and insect, growth and breeder) and calcium-dusted 1wk crickets.
**Please note that babies typically ship at a minimum of 6g**
Also, shipping is on hold until temps cool a bit, but should resume around late September to early October.
Blix - Red-Striped Gargoyle Gecko
Gargoyle Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Rhacodactylus auriculatus
Quad Stripe Bacon Pos Exaggerated Horns Pos Red Base Orange Red Blush Super Stripe Pos Red Spectacle Stripe Pos Orange Spectacle Pos Orange Base
7th July 2022
Frozen/Thawed Meal Replacement




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About GwenGecko. We're a family of reptile lovers working with high-end gargoyle geckos, leopard geckos, other gecko species, and hognose sakes. We have kept geckos and snakes for about 25 years off and on, and decided to start breeding in 2019. We are hoping to offer beautiful gargoyle gecko babies to the public in late 2022. We should also have some leopard gecko babies in 2023, and hognose babies possibly by 2024.