Phantom Eyed White/Black/Yellow Retic Gargoyle Gecko

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Phantom Eyed White/Black/Yellow Retic Gargoyle Gecko
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Description. Absolutely incredible female out of Desdemona x Hugo. She is in the early stages of going Phantom, and is following suit with what her father went through. This'll be incredible to witness for newcomers to the phantom eye trait and she should be fully transitioned within 1-2 years.

This is a trait I've been working with for over six years now. This being one of the first offspring I'll be releasing from this very special bloodline that I've had 100% success in producing phantom eyed gargoyles. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions!

Noche will produce yellows, oranges, and light reds depending on the male she is paired with and the temperature at which you incubate the eggs.

Currently sitting at 20g+
Phantom Eyed White/Black/Yellow Retic
Gargoyle Gecko Adult
Rhacodactylus auriculatus
Reticulated Mosaic Yellow White Phantom Eye
5th August 2019




Chattanooga, Tennessee United States of America flag

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About The Phantom Gecko. ---->The quickest way to get in contact with me is through my facebook page or instagram page.

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My name is William Bryant and I am the owner here at The Phantom Gecko. I first got hooked on the hobby as a young boy after owning three leopard geckos. I’ve always loved reptiles and caring for animals. In 2013 I decided it was time to get another reptile. I did countless hours of research and finally settled on getting a pair of crested geckos with the intent to breed them in the future. For some reason they captured my heart. A few weeks later after visiting the Chattanooga Repticon, I had picked out my first pair. I named them Estelle and The Dude.

The Phantom Gecko, as a business really never took flight until I found my first Phantom Eyed gecko and in that instant the business was born. I wanted to figure out this mysterious gene that occurs randomly in gargoyles and be known for my producing them. My first phantom eyed gargoyle was named Desdemona. One of my biggest goals in being a part of this beautiful hobby is to spread knowledge and love of these incredible creatures. As of this point I have 8 breeding phantom eyed gargoyles and around 30 or so phantom related offspring. Reptiles are my passion, but geckos are my love.

----> If you're interested in purchasing a gecko please go through my website if you wish to order immediately.