Extreme Bold Leopard Gecko (#PG-422)

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Extreme Bold Leopard Gecko
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Description. Beautiful little guy, just adorable, really sweet , great bold patterned face, and cool back pattern as well, stripey, nice tail too. eating 1/2 crickets, and has a bowl of meal worms for snacking. Dad is an Extreme bold striped back and tail, Mom is an extremely bold mack snow
Extreme Bold
Leopard Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Eublepharis macularius
Extreme Bold
15th June 2022
Live Mealworm

Cherry Hill, New Jersey United States of America flag

30.00-75.00 (Domestic)
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Store policy. I take paypal payments. And I ship over night with Fed Ex. If for any reason your youngster arrives DOA and I would be sad if so, but contact me within a few hours after delivery and send a photo to me. I will replace if at all possible , or refund your payment, For animal only NOT shipping cost. If I replace a lizard, you pay shipping.

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About Suncharmers Colorful Collareds And More. I am a small breeder hobbyist. I started with an egyptian uromastyx 30 years ago that a friend sent me with thermal burns. It was such an amazing thing helping my girl to heal, watching her grow stronger each day. After she healed I got my first pair of wc collared lizards, that was it, they knocked my socks off so to speak, thier spunkiness, curiouosity, and after taming , thier sweet nature. Most are so beautiful, diverse in colors, and pattern, they stole my heart and I have kept as pets and bred them till this day. I also keep and work with leopard geckos, blue rock lizards, Sceloporus minor, S. Magister S. Clarkii, S .Orcutti S. Poinsetti and yarrows. Clown agamas, sinai agamas ,desert iguanas, Anole baracoae , panther chameleon, eastern box turtles and redeye tree frogs. I spend many hours daily caring for all my critters. I only sell offspring, all adult lizards are family members. Lol. I do my very best to give all my lizards the best care I can from the day they hatch until the day they leave for a new home. I'm honored to share my many years of knowledge, as well as my passion with others. And willing to always be open to learning new, and better ways to keep my lizards thriving.