Tangerine Ph Tremper Ph Eclipse

Leopard Gecko Adult
Eublepharis macularius

ID: (MM-1041756)

Tangerine Ph Tremper Ph Eclipse

Leopard Gecko Adult
Eublepharis macularius


Birth: 10th August 2021
Weight: 67g
Diet: Mealworm

Shipping: 50.00-65.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: (MM-1041756)
First Posted: 07/28/22
Last Updated: 09/13/22

Los Angeles, California
Regional Shipping


Here is a nice breeder/pet tangerine

Pairing was

Tangerine het raptor
Electric blood rainbow linages
From B&Mgeckos
Striped Tangerine ph tremper ph eclipse
Gproject Emerine linages
From Bold n Bright geckos

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Payment plans are welcome on orders over $100. Geckos can be held for a 30% non refundable deposit (total price of the gecko + shipping) and balance must be paid within 30 days. Deposits are non refundable however, can be used towards credit if the balance is not paid within 30 days. Shipping costs are not included in the posting price of geckos and must be additionally calculated as shipping to different locations can yield a different cost. It is important to note, that due to COVID FedEx is not currently guaranteeing on time arrival. While all geckos are packaged to withstand any delays, we will no longer be offering refunds for the cost of shipping of geckos that arrive late due to FedEx error.

We will be shipping Monday-Wednesday using FedEx Redline Shipping or Reptiles2you. In the case of a DOA, a gecko of equal value will be shipped (free of shipping charges), or a credit will be issued. Though we are fortunate and have never had a DOA, if this does occur, you have 1 hour from the time the gecko was delivered to send proof of death. Anything over 1 hour and we will not be held responsible. We are not responsible for any dropped tails due to shipping, just be aware this is a possibility when shipping any leopard gecko; though it is unlikely to happen! No refunds.

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MOST importantly, you must be 18 or older to purchase any animals from us, and please feel free to message us with any questions at all! Thank you for considering us!

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About DogTownGeckos

Small SoCal hobbyists breeder out of Venice Ca
I work with Tangerines, Bells, Bloods and Trempers
🤙🏼 Born By The Beach 🏝

Message us with any questions you may have!

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