Tremper Albino Tug Snow Leopard Gecko (#TTS-21-F1)

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Tremper Albino Tug Snow Leopard Gecko
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Description. 2021 Female Tremper Albino Tug Snow. She is sitting at 54g. She is slamming meal worms, dubias, and wax worms. Photos of parents are available.

Pairing was:
Giant Bold Stripe Tremper Albino Tug snow
Giant Blood Tremper Albino from Kalico Gecko

If interested, text Blayne at 816-377-2678.
Tremper Albino Tug Snow
Leopard Gecko Subadult
Eublepharis macularius
Albino (Tremper) Snow (Tug) Snow (Mack)
Live Mealworm




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