Tangerine Tornado (TUR) X Firewater (Geckoboa) Leopard Gecko (#A02)

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Tangerine Tornado (TUR) X Firewater (Geckoboa) Leopard Gecko
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Description. Beautiful bright orange color accompanied with an excellent temperament. Her parents are amongst the top of their class 🍊
Sire is a Tangerine Tornado from TUR with +- 90% carrot tail.
Dam is a 100% Original Firewater from Geckoboa with +- 70% carrot tail.
Tangerine Tornado (TUR) X Firewater (Geckoboa)
Leopard Gecko Subadult
Eublepharis macularius
Super Hypo Albino (Rainwater) Tangerine Tornado Tangerine
13th September 2021
Live Roach

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America flag

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About Bio Hype. Bio Hype Super specializes particularly in Leopard Geckos. With the focus dedicated to bright colors, superb body formations and top quality, we are able to capture the essence of what we feel leopard geckos truly represent. Radiance. Rarity. Resilience.
These animals display beauty on the inside with a docile temperament, as well as on the outside with bright or dark coloured picasso swipes in stunning variety. Boasting a high-definition-ultra-vivid-colouration, leopard geckos are extremely easy to get into, are great to mix and match and are on fire in the reptile world! It is always a pleasure to witness the color spectrums on camera but certainly a massively true spectacle in the flesh. The objective is to approach the hobby with caution. Not releasing too much, but zeroing in on the quality of what will be produced out of Bio Hype.
Lights, camera, action! Welcome to BIO HYPE.