Clown 25% Blood 25% Tangerine 25% Emerine 25 Leopard Gecko (#TrDa22-8)

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Description. This Tsf has a unique pattern on her. Should look really cool. It's really starting to show some nice tangerine. It is 25% Blood, 25% Emerine, 25% Clown, 25% Tangerine.

Mom - 50% Emerine x 50% Tangerine
Dad - 50% Clown x 50% Blood

Contact me on here or Instagram for more pictures. Pictures of the parents are also on my Instagram page.

Pics updated 09/27/22
Clown 25% Blood 25% Tangerine 25% Emerine 25
Leopard Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Eublepharis macularius
G Project Blood Emerine Tangerine
29th June 2022
Live Roach




Olathe, Kansas United States of America flag

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