Clown X Inferno X Pacific Green X Blood Tangerine NKH Leopard Gecko (#L0078)

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Description. 🚺— DOB: 4/24/22 — 59 Days of Incubation @ 82°F

L0023 x B0002

— L0023

• Pacific Green x Blood Tangerine “het free” from Ramsey’s Reptiles

— B0002-Hella Orange

•Clown x Inferno NKH produced by Enzo (was ph tremper & eclipse—proved NKH @ the Emporium)

Clown lineage derivative of Matt’s original Project G Clown via John byer who sold to Enzo. Inferno lineage introduced by Enzo via Ruckus.

Purple turns green, green turns orange, yellow/orange turns burnt red. Progression & development is outstanding with these clowns… true living art. Each shed, the animals change and develop further, most taking 24-36 months to fully attain their adult coloration.

(Please refer to our “Progression” highlights on Instagram to gain an understanding on how a leopard gecko might develop into their adult coloration/pattern)
Clown X Inferno X Pacific Green X Blood Tangerine NKH
Leopard Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Eublepharis macularius
G Project Blood Inferno Tangerine Pacific Green
24th April 2022
Live Mealworm




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