Melanistic Bengal Bold Tangerine

Leopard Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Eublepharis macularius

ID: 229622122

Ultra bold and melanistic to Infuse bolder markings and contrast into bold tangerine projects. ... View more

Melanistic Bengal Bold Tangerine

Leopard Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Eublepharis macularius


Birth: 8th September 2022
Weight: 38g
Diet: Live Mealworm

Shipping: 18.00-48.00 (Domestic)
Trades: No Trades

Animal ID: 229622122
First Posted: 12/06/22
Last Renewed: 01/15/23
Last Updated: 02/07/23

Los Angeles, California
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About Bold & Bright Geckos

We are a California based breeder specializing in captive reproduction of premium Leopard Geckos. We are passionate about collecting, and designing some of the best and most unique geckos in the hobby. As our name implies, we relish geckos with high contrast, bold markings, bright coloration, as well as unique head markings and body patterns.

Our MISSION is to maintain a collection of world class geckos, provide the highest level of humane treatment and care, conduct ourselves in a conscientious manner, with utmost honesty and professionalism, and provide outstanding customer service.


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