Charcoal Murphy Patternless Leopard Gecko (#CMP624)

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Charcoal Murphy Patternless Leopard Gecko
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Description. Possible Snow
Charcoal Murphy Patternless
Leopard Gecko Subadult
Eublepharis macularius
Black Pearl Murphy Patternless
24th June 2020
Live Mealworm




Lake City, Florida United States of America flag

35.00-60.00 (Domestic)
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4) Geckodiction does guarantee live arrival. In the unfortunate circumstance that an animal does arrive deceased or injured, we must be contacted within one hour the package arrives to its destination and in your possession. Photo proof of the deceased animal must also be sent to us VIA email or Facebook messenger. In the unlikely event that an animal does arrive deceased, the animal will be replaced with a similar animal depending on availability, or store credit if no other animal is available at the time. If we are contacted outside the one hour window it will negate our agreement. We also have to right to void our agreement if will feel that any malicious intent is involved or that nothing was done on our part to cause the animals passing. With all of this aside, above everything, our animals wellfare is more important than anything else and we go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that every animal arrives safe and sound to their new owner. Cost is not an issue with us.
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4) We guarantee that any animal that we have listed is 100% as being the morph or phenotype being represented. If we are in anyway unclear about the genetic recessives that said animal may or may not carry, we will provide you with that information. We are also always more than happy to provide you with any background information on the animals lineage. We don't however 100% guarantee the sex of hatchlings and juveniles under 25 grams. We do use TSD (temperature sex determination) methods when incubating the eggs of our eublepharis species which is accurate 90% of the time, but we have had some fool us in the past which is why we can't make any such guarantee.
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