RAPTOR Leopard Gecko (#18RPTMR)

RAPTOR Leopard Gecko
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Description. ***PROVEN BREEDER***

Hatch: 2018
Pairing: Black Blood Tremper X Gem Snow HC Tremper
Breeder: Morph Revolution
Leopard Gecko Adult
Eublepharis macularius
Albino (Tremper) Eclipse

Setúbal Municipality, Setubal Portugal flag

150.00 €
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About Dartgeckos. Portuguese breeder of geckos and poison dart frogs.
We offer high-end quality leopard geckos from our ongoing projects, mainly: Blood Tremper, Blood Emerine, W&Y Fire Tremper, W&Y Striped Fire Tremper/Firebold Tremper, Firebold/Bold Stripe Bandit.
We work with other gecko species like Uroplatus "True" Ebenaui and Nephrurus Levis, Red and Hypo Orange lines, that we hope to offer in the future.