Raptor Pos Pastel Pos Snow . Price Has Been Marked Down. Leopard Gecko (#RPT6)

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Description. Raptor from pastel raptor x pos snow raptor breeding. Was temperature sexed but is not a guranteed. Tsf. Both eyes appear about 60% 70% solid and other portion looks 40% 30% shaded but not bright white
Raptor Pos Pastel Pos Snow . Price Has Been Marked Down.
Leopard Gecko Subadult
Eublepharis macularius
Albino (Tremper) Snow (Mack) Pastel Eclipse
1st November 2021
Live Mealworm




Laceys Spring, Alabama United States of America flag

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Store policy. Geckos will not be shipped till atleast 15 grams. Payment must be received upfront if it is a order to be shipped. Shipping to a hub is ideal in my opinion and less stress on the reptile being transported. Will only ship in ideal temps for reptiles in the upward 60s and low 80s to start off till i get it all figured out. Will only ship out on tuesdays or wed with the shipment being received on wed or thurs. Overnight only shipping to hub. Will guarantee live arrival within time frame for pickup at hub and refund for reptile back if it is not alive within the time frame. Shipping cost still remains ( I request for gurantee, reptile is picked up within atleast 2 hrs of receiving at hub ) and if D.O.A. then a picture be sent but preferably a short video a.s.a.p. after picking up reptile from hub, preferably within a hr after pickup! questions feel free to ask or call as i am working on geting this started and hopefully works out well. Local area meet and pick up is also a option. Feel free to message with any questions. Shipping cost will also be affected by area etc so I will get a shipping quote to specific area prior to sale being finalized.

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About Deez Gex. (!!! October Sale!!! Prices will be adjusted on each post and some have already been lowered.) Going on 3 yrs now started back up after about 18year break mostly from reptiles. Going to try to produce some pretty interesting and affordably reasonable priced leopard geckos for anyone new or experienced. I love lizzards and they are my favorite reptiles. Something fun to do and to learn and teach with my son at a young age. Most of all the geckos have been marked down recently. Feel free to msg me. Winter is approaching fast and wont be able to ship much longer.