Firebold Leopard Gecko (#AD21)

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Description. No known hets. He's a very nice color. He has a slight over bite and so I've decided not to utilize him for any of my projects. This is considered in the pricing. His color is phenomenal and he eats well.
Leopard Gecko Subadult
Eublepharis macularius
Domestically Produced
8th August 2021
Live Mealworm




Chandler, Arizona United States of America flag

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45.00-110.00 (Domestic)
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PROJECTS I'LL BE WORKING WITH Clowns, Jokers, Pacific Greens, G Project, Firebolds, Ciphers, Bandits, Bolds, Stripes, Bloods, Red Diamonds & Tangerine Tornados.

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