2022 Baby Northern Hi Red Northern Blue-Tongued Skink (#22L2HRB2)

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Description. This amazing Male is one of only three skinks offered this year. He's well established. He Comes from my second litter and only litter of the season. He would make a fantastic future breeder and or pet. Pairing was a Hi red magma Female x red magma. Parents were produced by Diana Mason, their parents were produced by James fenn and Ron Couto.
Note: Sex is guaranteed and determined through the process of transillumination.
Parent pics shown.
He has nice dark rich black accents and a ton of them!
***3,650$ shipped bundle for all three available males!***
***October Buy one reptile get your second 25% off! Special Sale***
2022 Baby Northern Hi Red
Northern Blue-Tongued Skink Baby/Juvenile
Tiliqua scincoides intermedia
Magma Red
1st May 2022
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