Trio 1.2 Adult Egernia Stokesii

Other Skink Adult
(Group of 3)

ID: 2016Estokesii

I've had these since they were a few months old. They have produced 1 single baby for me a year and a half ago. They may produce better if separated but they have always thrived together, so that's how I've kept them. They eat mostly dubia and veggies and are perfect. Male is on the left ... View more

Trio 1.2 Adult Egernia Stokesii

Other Skink Adult
(Group of 3)


Sex: ?
Origin: Imported
Birth: 2016
Proven: Yes

Shipping: Free

Animal ID: 2016Estokesii
First Posted: 01/22/23
Last Renewed: 03/12/23
Last Updated: 03/12/23

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