Cbb Blue Headed Green Female Tokay Gecko (#Bhg1)

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Description. Great eater, and somewhat handable cbb blue headed green female, rtb. super bright green color when fired up. Great addition to any collection.
Cbb Blue Headed Green Female
Tokay Gecko Adult
Gekko gecko
Domestically Produced
Live Cricket




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58.00-75.00 (Domestic)
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Tail Loss:
Crested gecko tail loss can occur at any time, especially during times of stress. Tail loss rarely occurs during shipping, but it can and does happen on occasion. I am not responsible for tail loss and I do not offer any refunds in the event of tail loss.
I do not guarantee sex unless I clearly state that a gecko is male or female. Probable, possible, pores seen, or unseen, are not a 100% guarantee of sex. These are observations I offer to help you with your purchase as best I can.
*Animals sold as proven, have produced live offspring. Females sold as virgin have never been introduced to a male.
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*shipping can bary between 58 to 70 usd to any box shipped. If you are buying multiple animals, and as long as they fit safely in one box, only one shipping fee will apply. The multiple animals purchased must be made on the same transaction for this to apply. 
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* If there is any problem, please notify us as soon as possible. 
*International shipping available in certain cases. 
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*We off a 100% live arrival guarantee on all our animals. There are, however, circumstances that will void the live arrival guarantee. 
1. The buyer or a member of the household must be present to sign for the package on the first delivery attempt (FedEx provides time of delivery stamp).
2.A delay in shipping due to carrier mishandling.
3.Temperatures at the hub or destination being under 40°F or over 82°F.
4.Animals held for pickup at a FedEx location must be picked up the same day as arrival.
5.A delay in shipping resulting in rerouting due to an inaccurate delivery address being entere during checkout.
*Should the animal(s) arrive dead we will need you to provide a picture of the deceased animal(s) and to contact us immediately upon receipt of the animal(s) within the 1 (one) hour.
*Live arrival guarantee only applies to the shipping period and is void once you take the animal(s) within 1 (one) hour of receipt of the animal(s).

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