Lucifer Pinstripe Super Inferno Poss Orange Dream Ball Python (#2022-Orion)

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Description. 'Orion' is quite a cocktail of genes. Our best guess when comparing to related combos, but he may have enchi and/or Orange Dream or Cypress instead of HGW (his sire is allelic for HGW & Cypress). He has blue eyes! He is eating either live or f/t rat pups. Additional photos are available.

Pairing was 'Levistis' Cypress Lucifer Inferno x 'Tabitha' Pastel OD Enchi Pinstripe
Lucifer Pinstripe Super Inferno Poss Orange Dream
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Orange Dream Granite Pinstripe Yellow Belly Lucifer Super Pastel Hidden Gene Woma
Domestically Produced
Frozen/Thawed Rat




Keene, New Hampshire United States of America flag

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